Conti Dagostino. Gives emotions.


Discover new emotions!

Having each time an experience, a new emotion is what I want to share.

In fourteen years of activity questing for excellence, I have passed step by step the phases of production, taking care with my winemakers for the product I want to drink and you drink.

Conti Dagostino uses advanced processing methods, in line with the highest standards of quality achieved in recent years by the italian wine sector.


Tasting as a business card

Conti Dagostino wines represent the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation. They appeal to the connoisseurs, collectors or just those searching, in a taste, for the emotion of the single moment.

Having confidence in our product we from Conti Dagostino, have trusted ourselves to “the tasting”, making it our best possible visiting card.

Free consultancy

Our registered customers are always welcome to consult with our expert staff who will be happy to discuss your needs and give advice. The consultants are Conti Dagostino’s sommelier and technical experts who regularly follow training courses and know everything concerning our wines. We aim to give our customers professional answers and an attitude attentive to every need.


Thanking you, I remain at your disposal...and wish you good tasting.


Patrizia Conti Dagostino

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 02 33501860


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